Landscape Gardener in Sanderstead | Tips to Keep Our Results in Optimal Condition

In our role as a builder and landscape gardener, we produce stunning results built to last. However, as features facing the elements day-in and day-out, installations like patios, driveways, brickwork and house extensions eventually start to show early signs of aging. With minimal maintenance and some handy hacks, homeowners in Sanderstead can keep their gardens and hard landscaping features in great condition. As a landscape gardener, brickwork specialist, paving contractor, builder and driveway specialist that takes great pride in our results, we happily give advice on how to maintain the projects we complete.

Below, as a brief but useful guide, we have listed some of our favourite hacks relating to each of our services areas.

Paving Contractor

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining patios and pathways, Sanderstead homeowners have various options to take. These vary from simple to strenuous. As a customer-focused paving contractor, we have decided to focus on the easier side of the scale.

Simply sweeping away accumulated debris from patios and walkways can help a huge amount. By taking this action early, you prevent seeds from germinating and also break off smaller weeds that might have only just taken root. In cases where weeds have already established themselves, prioritise removing those in the joints, and take as much of the root away as possible.

These simple steps lay the foundation of preserving the results we created as your paving contractor and landscape gardener.

Brickwork Specialist

When it comes to brickwork, we strongly advise undertaking only superficial cleaning to ensure a fresh finish. Any work that involves the structure itself must always be left in the hands of a brickwork specialist.

When it comes to cleaning the brick walls of our features or house extensions, natural products offer a fantastic solution. For example, a mix of 5-parts water to 1-part white vinegar removes efflorescence, the chalky white salt crystals that often build up on mortar. With this mix and a scrubbing brush, homeowners in Sanderstead can return their walls to a much more appealing aesthetic.

As a brickwork specialist, we must also add that an alkaline solution, like diluted ammonia, must follow this mix to neutralise the acidic nature of the vinegar. A thorough rinse with water completes the job. As a brickwork specialist, we strongly advise against performing this on higher levels of house extensions for safety reasons.

Driveway Specialist

As a driveway specialist, we regularly install gravel drives in the Sanderstead area. While it may not qualify as a hack per se, the key to making these features easy to maintain lays in the regular removal of debris.

Not only do larger amounts of leaves, sticks and other items create an unsightly look, they will also become harder to clean away. By simply staying ahead of the issue, homeowners make their life much more convenient.

Raking a small number of items away once a week or fortnightly ensures nothing more than a swift job that can be squeezed into any schedule. We recommend leaving more significant tasks, such as replacing gravel, to a driveway specialist.