Brickwork Specialist & Paving Contractor in Reigate | Reasons to Choose Us

Here at Creations Building & Landscaping, we put our customers at the centre of everything we do. As a result, we have a well-earned reputation in Reigate for excellence across our full range of services, be it as a landscape gardener, brickwork specialist, paving contractor or driveway specialist. In addition, the house extensions we provide as a locally trusted builder not only meet the very highest standards, they also fully comply as with current UK Building Regulations. Quite simply, when it comes to garden and property development projects, Creations Building & Landscaping remains the first choice for discerning homeowners.

Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the reasons why a significant amount of our trade comes in the form of repeat custom and personal recommendations from previously satisfied customers.

Why People Choose Us


Whether our Reigate customers hire us as a landscape gardener, brickwork specialist, paving contractor or driveway specialist, they receive a service backed by more than two decades of trade and industry experience. When it comes to choosing professionals for your project, this level ofexpertise cannot be overstated.

With our shared depth of knowledge, we have the ability to adapt to the requirements of each individual customer. In turn, this allows us to provide a truly bespoke service that runs smoothly and efficiently, creating results in line with original concepts and visions.

An Array of Services

By fulfilling multiple roles, we offer Reigate homeowners the opportunity to carry out multiple tasks in one project, and all with a single point of contact. As a landscape gardener, we utilise our skills as a paving contractor to lay stunning patios and walkways. Customers can also hire us as a brickwork specialist to build steps on that same patio if they opt for a tiered design. Likewise, we also apply those same brickwork skills in a front garden while combining them with a new installation as a driveway specialist.

With options as a builder that also include the addition of a porch to the front of a home, or house extensions at the rear and side, we offer multiple routes for every client to maximise the potential of their premises.

Local Independent Company

As a small independent business located in Reigate, we take pride in offering a service that helps to improve the homes of people in our local community. Due to our size and friendly nature, this service has a highly personal approach that our customers truly appreciate. When it comes to sizeable projects like house extensions, new driveways or complete garden makeovers, we recognise that homeowners don’t want to be kept in the dark.

When in our roles of a landscape gardener, brickwork specialist, paving contractor, driveway specialist and builder, we prioritise communication at all times. Quite simply, we treat our Reigate customers as we would want our contractors to treat us.