Garden Landscaping & House Extensions in Coulsdon | Benefits of Our Services

Here at Creations Building & Landscaping, we fulfil multiple roles to provide a wide range of property improvement services for our customers in Coulsdon. While we take on projects as a landscape gardener, builder, brickwork specialist, paving contractor and driveway specialist, we are anything but a Jack-of-all-trades. With over two decades of trade experience, our team has honed methods and techniques over countless projects, including house extensions, to earn a reputation for excellence in every area of work.

With such a wide range of services, our work comes with an extensive range of benefits. If you’re thinking of hiring a landscape gardener, a driveway specialist or any of our other services, we have outlined below some of the benefits that come with the results we create.

Advantages of Choosing Us

Landscape Gardener

Naturally, the primary benefit of hiring us as your landscape gardener is our ability to completely overhaul your garden to the very highest of standards. What’s more, as time-served professionals, we have the ability to realise even the most complex concepts.

If you plan to improve your garden with a view on selling it in the near future, landscaped gardens hold status as a hugely popular selling point. While any increase in the value of a Coulsdon home depends on factors like location and the extent of work carried out, a study published in The Telegraph claims that it can reach as high as 20%.

Even if your project doesn’t have that much impact, a space rejuvenated by a professional landscape gardener will always make for more likely sale.

Paving Contractor

Most of the work we perform as a paving contractor intertwines with that we carry out as a landscape gardener. Patios and connecting pathways provide stunning focal points with numerous practical benefits. As such, one of the main advantages of hiring a paving contractor remains the creation of an outside space designed especially for socialising.

Research conducted by Sell House Fast discovered that the installation of a first-class patio came in second only to garden sheds as the most desirable feature for external spaces. In some cases, the work of a proven paving contractor makes up a significant percentage of the aforementioned 20% rise in property value.

Brickwork Specialist & House Extensions

A certain amount of our work as a brickwork specialist includes adding features to projects we undertake as a landscape gardener, paving contractor and driveway specialist. As such, we will focus on house extensions which, naturally, involve a significant amount of our expertise as a brickwork specialist.

It goes without saying that one of the main benefits of house extensions lays in the fact that Coulsdon homeowners can accommodate growing families or solve space issues without the hassle and cost of moving. In addition, house extensions completed by an experienced builder and brickwork specialist add in excess of 20% to the value of a home. This figure varies depending on the type of house extensions, with a double room and en-suite facilities being the most lucrative.

Driveway Specialist

As a driveway specialist, we transform the front of Coulsdon properties to create stunning, yet highly practical, home additions. This means that the two most obvious advantages of hiring a driveway specialist include adding instant kerb appeal to the exterior of a house and creating additional safe off-street parking spaces.

When it comes to increased value, numerous factors come into play again, such as the amount of parking available in the surrounding areas. However, generally speaking, a well-planned, immaculate installation performed by a driveway specialist has the potential to add between 5% and 10% to the overall value of a home.